5 Field Trips for Creative Inspiration

By its very nature, creativity involves making something that didn’t exist before. That could mean making art, or it could be making dinner. Being creative happens in phases, and one of the important steps is letting go. When our minds are open, new ideas emerge.

This part of the creative process requires some patience. However, sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way. Whenever I’m stuck, these are some of the places I go to open my mind and find ideas. 

1.  Slow Down at the Farmer’s Market

The pace of a farmers market is wonderfully relaxed. Here, you can wander and get lost in the colors, the smells, and the bountiful piles of fresh fruits and vegetables. Being surrounded by plants and the people that grew them is a beautiful thing.

In addition to food, there are often other vendors--ceramists, musicians, artists--who bring their crafts to this open fair. I recently met a woman who harvested and dyed her own wool. Touching the fibers and seeing the rainbow she had created was incredibly inspiring.


2. Time Travel at the Thrift Shop

Fashion trends come and go in cycles. So if you’re looking to set a new trend, starting with the old ones can actually be a pretty good place to get ideas. While strolling through the aisles of your local consignment store, you may discover a classic, or something so terrible that you’re inclined to recreate it for modern times.

Bonus points for trying something on...


3.  Get Perspective from a Place with a View

As creatives, nature will always be one of our greatest muses. Take a walk or hike, and go for panoramic views. The physical space can give us incredible mental space, and the exercise is good for the soul. Get your heart pumping and take some time to relax in nature. The benefits will speak for themselves.


4.  Feel the Energy at a Live Performance

Seeing the art of others can be very inspiring. Visiting a gallery or a show allows us to see the power in creation of others. The best experiences are immersive and allow you to totally get lost in the moment. Listen to music and dance to the songs. Go to a poetry reading and turn off your phone. Commit to the total enjoyment of what you’re about to experience. I dare you!


5.  ABW

Number five is Anywhere But Work (ABW). Sometimes we enjoy time more when we make it, as opposed to when we have it. So, I am giving you permission to play hooky. Go where you need to go. Just don’t forget to buy the team some donuts upon your return. 


We all need outside perspective sometimes. Especially when it's our own project, because it's easy to become too close to the work. If you are interested in getting input on an idea, let's grab coffee. Perhaps at an outdoor café now that the weather is getting better. 

Sara Soergel