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You know your business better than anyone. And we know marketing. Let us be the sizzle to your steak, the toast to your achievement, the tonic to your gin, if you will...

Tonic Marketing provides strategy and creative marketing services to help your business get to the next level. Led by creative professional Sara Soergel, our goal is to help new companies start their marketing machines, and work with established companies to invigorate and fortify their marketing efforts.  


Invigorate your story. 


Why Tonic?

You've got a great business with a great story. We want to help you spread the word. 

Tonic's proven process is rooted in strategy, with a constant attention on creating tangible results.  We offer a full spectrum of creative services to make your brand look, sound, act and feel authentically yours. 


A fresh point of view. 


Sara Soergel


Typical of her generation, Sara is an early adopter who embraces change. As a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz in Psychology, Sara began her marketing career in non-profit work. She quickly gained experience in the field, and went on to lead the busy marketing department of one of the fastest growing tech companies in the U.S. (M├ętier, 5-time Inc. 500). During this time, Sara sharpened her strategic planning, PR, persuasive writing and design skills. She was recognized as one of the Top 40 Under 40 professionals by the North Bay Business Journal in 2013, and was the youngest person on the list that year. Realizing her passion for marketing, Sara took a position with the award-winning agency, The Engine is Red. Sara has worked with Fortune 100 companies including Medtronic and Chevron, and local organizations such as Sonoma State University and Central Valley Builders. Sara is the founder of Tonic, and is following her entrepreneurial dream. 


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