What we do

Tonic Marketing acts as your director of marketing by-the-glass. For starters, we'll create a brand strategy. We'll help you understand the market with research. We'll present a cohesive personality for your brandOnce you have the basics down, we'll develop a creative campaign to help you get in front of your target audience. 

If you'd like to set up a brainstorm with us, it's as simple as getting a cup of coffee! 



Brand Strategy

This is the practice of articulating who you are and what you do. Having a smart brand strategy helps you decide how to use your precious time and marketing dollars.

  1. Positioning

  2. Workshops and Research

  3. Strategic Planning


Marketing Essentials

Whether you are new or need a change, these essentials support your brand’s higher purpose and are the first step in building a customer following.

  1. Name and Logo

  2. Core Messaging

  3. Collateral

  4. Social Media Presence


Creative Campaigns

This is a burst of marketing energy, targeted toward a specific goal. If you want to make an announcement, raise awareness for your brand, or make the phone ring, we can help you craft a creative campaign using a variety of channels.

  1. Marketing Campaigns

  2. PR Campaigns

  3. Social Media Campaigns

  4. Advertising Campaigns


How we do it

Tonic applies big picture thinking to every detail. We focus first on understanding the uniqueness of your business. We organize our work based on your priorities, and bring creative energy into every project. Working together, we bring ideas to life. 


Get smart.  

We begin our projects with research and discovery. We'll dig deep and get to know your offering, as well as your audience. 



Get organized.

We take a strategy-first approach to marketing. We'll map out opportunities and help you chart the course.  


Get creative.

This is where things get interesting... Working together, we'll bring ideas to life with messaging, design, and outside-the-box tactics. 



Get busy.

The best part of a marketing plan is seeing it come to life. We'll work with you to start your marketing machine, whether that's training your team, or rolling up our sleeves.  


Who we work with

We offer a range of services to meet your specific marketing needs. We work across many industries - including wine - and are willing to explore any idea for synergy.  

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